Entry #1

working on a new yoshi animation

2012-09-19 02:04:27 by CapeLicker

its been 4 weeks now trying to finish this piece of work, but i still have a long way to go, im putting so much time into this next video, mostly because im adding more frames then my last videos ive done. aiming to be done by next month :D
btw video will be a parody of yoshi's island

here is a sneak peak

working on a new yoshi animation


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2012-10-04 12:07:22

...I faved you after seeing the Yoshi animation, which was pleasantly insane and sooo well animated on sooo many levels. Then I saw your Runescape demon.... holy shit.
I know you don't have very many fans here yet, but I do want to thank you for posting your work here!


2015-09-14 07:16:18

Yeah been a few years and nothing new from you on Youtube. What's up with you lately? I know we only met through my aid in a little knowledge regarding countering a false DMCA claim on one of your works. All in fair use act and glad that turned out alright for ya.

Hell, even tehnoobshow is back to making vids after 3 year break. Missing you on the Runescape scene.